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Whippet Wear

All students must be in dress code at all times--what we call Whippet Wear! Students may already have Whippet Wear they've acquired from Windham High School clubs or activities, or from other family members.  Whippet Wear is also available for purchase through Darter Specialties.
Students who do not follow the dress code will be serving an in-school-suspension until a parent/guardian can supply the appropriate clothing. A parent meeting will be necessary and additional consequences may be imposed
Students are not allowed to wear bandanas or hats.
Students may wear solid color head bands to hold hair back.
Jewelry and other accessories must be appropriate for a school setting.
Administration reserves the right to ask a student to remove any accessories if it is deemed inappropriate.
Any top that carries the Windham "W", Whippet or Windham High School logo qualifies as Whippet Wear. Students can choose to wear an undershirt, but HOODIES ARE NOT PERMITTED. Acceptable tops may represent any sport, club, musical group or class students are connected to at Windham High School.  Students can also wear the academy specific fleece, jackets or polos from previous years.   A wide variety of options are now available through our vendor, Darter. 

All students are required to wear solid-colored slacks, shorts, capris or skirts (longer than fingertips). No prints or logos can be on the bottoms slacks. Slacks are pants that are not sweatpants, jeans or yoga pants. We are allowing navy blue, khaki, brown, black or grey
Slacks and shorts must be worn in a professional manner where no undergarments (including underwear, boxer briefs, additional shorts, etc.) are showing.
Flip flops and slip-ons are prohibited. Students taking construction and/or engineering classes will be required to wear sneakers or other appropriate footwear as defined by the courses’ syllabus and safety contract with students and parents. Proper footwear is also needed during physical education.

If students are bringing in jackets, coats or other outerwear into school, they must leave the item in their locker for the school day. They will not be allowed to wear or carry these items during the school day. Students not in compliance with this are in violation of Windham High School’s dress code and will be subject to appropriate discipline including confiscation of the item for a period of time.