School Profile

Windham High School Educational Features:

College Credits
Windham High School offers 20 college credit bearing courses and opportunities to take courses with partners Eastern Connecticut State University and UCONN. Over 50% of Windham High School students earn college credits before graduation. The average is 11 credits per student.

Windham Early College Opportunity (ECO)
Windham-ECO is an innovative program designed for entering grade 9 students that brings together the best elements of high school, college and career.  Within a four to six-year period, students will graduate with a no-cost associate degree, along with the skills and knowledge they need to seamlessly step into well paying, in demand jobs in manufacturing. In collaboration with Electric Boat, Eastern Advanced Manufacturing Alliance, Eastern Workforce Investment Board and Quinebaug Valley Community College, students will partake in college courses, internships, and mentorships over their high school career.

Award Winning Music and Art Programs
The Windham High School Music Department is known nationally for its award winning ensembles. Some recent and notable examples of their musical caliber include receiving “Excellent” ratings at the National Festivals of Music Competition in Boston MA,  placing 4th (WHS Jazz Band) and 5th Place (Jazz Small Combo) at the Berklee Jazz Festival and representing the state of Connecticut as Disney's Featured Performer in Orlando, Florida.

Mirrors and Windows is a student-run publication that showcases the art and writing of the students of Windham High. The publication is run by an all-student editorial board. For both its first and second years, Mirrors and Windows was distinguished by acknowledgment from the National Council of Teachers of English.

Capstone Project
Capstone project is a multifaceted assignment that serves as a culminating academic and intellectual experience for students during their final year of high school. Capstone projects are designed to encourage students to think critically, solve challenging problems, and develop skills such as oral communication, public speaking, research skills, media literacy, teamwork, planning, self-sufficiency, or goal setting—i.e., skills that will help prepare them for college, modern careers, and adult life.

All-State Athletes and State Champions
Windham High School offers twenty-two varsity athletic programs! Over 50% of the students enrolled at Windham High participate in a sport and of those students more than 50% are scholar athletes. Windham High School has earned many athletic honors including individual state championships, team state championships, and all-state athletes.

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