Whippet Wear

WHS Dress Code

We encourage our Windham High School students to wear Whippet Wear to show their Whippet Pride! Whippet Wear can be class shirts, team shirts, Windham event shirts, WHS music and club shirts, and any shirts that have a Whippet logo. Students may already have Whippet Wear they've acquired from Windham High School clubs or activities or from other family members. Whippet Wear is also available for purchase through our WHS Booster Club. Whippet Wear is not required but it’s a great way to show school spirit!

We do not permit our students to wear the following items: bandannas or hats, slippers, blankets, pajamas, shirts with spaghetti straps, and clothing with undergarments showing. Students may wear hoodies, however they may not wear the hoods in the school. Clothing, jewelry, and other accessories must be appropriate for a school setting and reasonably modest. Physical education, Science, and Art departments will communicate their safety dress codes. Administration reserves the right to ask a student to change their clothing if it is deemed inappropriate.

WHS Whippet Wear ordering information: WHS Whippet Wear